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There are four parts to our mission.

Educate - infuse students with a wide range of knowledge and skills.
Apply - implement what you learn via robotics competitions.
Compete - challenge yourself with Gracious Professionalism and Co-Opertition.
Share - expand STEAM education with others.

Our team operated under several core beliefs.

(1) Mentors are there to mentor. Students do the work whenever possible. This applies equally in the workroom as it does in the pit at a competition.
(2) The competition is for the students. Mentors do not belong on the drive team. Students learn valuable skills at all positions on the drive team.
(3) The team's organizational structure is dictated by the existing student body. Leadership positions within the team only exist if there is student who can fill that role; there is no point in having a position for the sake of doing so.
(4) We do not let students sink or swim. Robotics is hard stuff. Building a robot in 6 weeks is even harder. Mentoring is necessary, not optional.

Aim high, land softly.
Westborough High School - Robotics
90 West Main Street
Westborough, MA 01581
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