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Mentors & Volunteers

Mentors provide the team with invaluable advice and judgement. The team would not exist without the teaching and coaching provided by our mentors and volunteers, all of whom have wide ranging real world experiences.

2022-23: 14 mentors
2021-22: 14 mentors
2020-21: 7 mentors
2019-20: 20 mentors
2018-19: 18 mentors
2017-18: 17 mentors
2016-17: 12 mentors
2015-16: 10 mentors
2014-15: 11 mentors
2013-14: 10 mentors
2012-13: 13 mentors
2011-12: 7 mentors

Mentors and volunteers are needed for all sorts of activities. We are always looking for adults willing and capable of giving some of their time to our team. We currently have mentors for robot construction, software development, art, program management, and other disciplines. We would love to have additional help in metalworking & fabrication, vision and image processing, 3D printing, "DIY" or "maker" capabilities, fundraising, outreach planning and coordination, website, social media, and anything and everything STEM and/or robotics related.

Two specific areas of mentoring/volunteering we would like to address immediately are Fundraising and Arduino Engineering. A very brief description follows: Please contact us if you are interested and we can provide additional information.

Mentors and volunteers come from all walks of life. Many of our staff have a day job in a related industry. But we also seek retired engineers and non-technical volunteers looking to use their expertise to enrich the minds of our high school students.

We are always looking for new ways to enrich the minds of out students. If you would like to contribute, please contact the team. Volunteers need to be able to work with teenagers! All volunteers must register with FIRST and agree to a background check (CORI) administered by the Town of Westborough.
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