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Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL Solutions

Redshift participates in the annual FIRST Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL Solutions. Our 40 second videos are posted on our YouTube channel. Here are embedded links to each animation we've made and their respective themes.

2023 Charged Up - "Energy Challenges" - Finalist, Best Messaging

2022 Rapid React - "Faster, Farther, SAFER!"

2021 Infinite Recharge - "Safety is Caring"

2020 Infinite Recharge - "Sustainability on the RISE" - Runner-up

2019 Destination: Deep Space - "Destination ... Safety!"

2018 Power Up - "Energy Challenges"

2017 Steamworks - "Quest for a Safer World"

2016 Stronghold - "Working Safely with your Robot" - Runner-up

Aim high, land softly.
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