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Our robotics team as a whole encompasses a broad range of specialties necessary for the functioning of a team. Our members are skilled and specialize in a wide variety of fields. Below are brief summaries of various aspects of our team.


Design and engineering require thinking and execution. A good design balances the game constraints and requirements against the game play and available resources. Limitations may include weight, cost, size, power and others.


Electro-mechanical construction require skill, craftsmanship and attention to detail. A properly designed and built robot is not just robust but also serviceable. Components need to be protected yet accessible. And all parts must be free of hazards such as sharp edges.


Programming is a key part of the competitions. Matches include an “autonomous period” where robots must operate independently and "teleoperation" where users control robots remotely.


The annual safety animations contest reinforce good safety practices. Creating the animation is a combination of art, technology, planning and execution on a tight deadline.

Project Management

In order to make a robot within the 6 week build period, solid project management is essential. The end date does not slip! Students learn to self-assess and work within various contraints.


From a team member's costume to the competition pit to the robot's appearance, art can reflect a team's aesthetics. You'll also find art on our buttons, t-shirt, posters and web site.


The robot and the competitions are not cheap. We must balance our expenses with our revenue. Fundraising is critical to the team's success.


Safety is not negotiable. All team members are required to have a thorough knowledge of safe procedures and best practices.


We engage with our community to promote STEM education. Our BayStateBrawl off-season competition not only allows students from New England teams to participate but also provides team and competition exposure to local students of all ages.
Aim high, land softly.
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