Bay State Brawl - 10/29/2016 - Stronghold

Wrap-up video

Click Here. Video by Saty Emani.

Stronghold Rule Tweaks

Our Stronghold game comes with a few twists:

Drive teams (driver, operator, human player) consisting entirely of first-year students will receive a score advantage. A first year student is someone who has had limited drive team experience. He or she must not have participated in any competition drive teams prior to June 1, 2016. The drive team coach is exempt from this rule. First year drive teams will be allowed to place one of the spare boulders anywhere they wish on the playing field.
Let's give the human player a little something more to do! During the last 20 seconds, the human player gets one orange ball. If the human players scores directly into the high goal, it is worth the usual 5 points. If the human player scores directly into the low goal, it is worth 10 points. If the human player does not score, a robot may play the boulder for the usual number of points.


Voted by the Teams - Driver's Ed Award.
Voted by the Teams - Aficionado Award.
Voted by Judges - Best Pitcher Award.
Voted by Judges - Robo-Ohana Award.


178 - The 2nd Law Enforcers
246 - Overclocked
467 - The Colonials
839 - Rosie Robotics
1100 - T-Hawks
1768 - RoboChiefs
1965 - SJPHS Firebirds
2079 - 4H Alarm Robotics
2713 - iRaiders
3555 - Aluminati
4048 - Redshift
4055 - NRG
5962 - perSEVERE

Aim high, land softly.
Westborough High School - Robotics
90 West Main Street
Westborough, MA 01581
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